Serin Oh

Lyric based electronic pop singer.

A moment in my musical career when another woman helped me:  

Sophia Chang is the first Asian woman in the hip hop world. She was the manager for many artists, including the Woo Tang Clan. When I heard that she was coming to Berklee, I was beyond excited to see someone like me speak on being within the industry because they were thriving within it. Through her story, she spoke of courage when speaking up was not a popular decision. Being a female in a male dominant industry and also being one of the only Asians allowed her to grow thick skin. However, that did not take away from her genuine heart and belief in the power of honest music. She inspired me to break limits where I thought could not be broken just by believing in myself. Sophia Change gave me the hope to not let my gender nor race pressure me to change my goals and aspirations. Her life story showed me the power of music to glue people together from different backgrounds. I aspire to be fearless with my music and approach to my path within music thanks to the inspiration by Sophia Chang.

Were You Can Find Her: