Julie Dougherty

Acoustic folk, country, roots.

A moment in my musical career when another woman helped me:  

Probably the most influential woman in my young “musical” life was a high-school teacher, Sister Ann Alberta, SND ..  I attended an all-girl, catholic high school and was incredibly shy .. “wall-flower” would be a good description.    She learned that I played guitar and made me bring it in to religion class one morning to play a song for my fellow-classmates.   I cried and begged her not to make me do this but she knew it was the one thing that would eventually bring me out of my shell and connect me with my future path.   Many years later, after she’d left the Sisters of Notre Dame, I sang at her wedding!   I was so thrilled to do this for her, she was a wonderful ‘counsel’ to me in my often-times confused, sheltered youth.

Were You Can Find Her: