Jenee Halstead


Boston based indie folk and dark Americana

A moment in my musical career when another woman helped me:  
I am writing about the very woman who put this project together: Susan Cattaneo.  I was recently meditating on the fact that for the first seven or so years of my music career I did not have a lot of women in the music industry around me.  I was surrounded almost exclusively by men: my producers, my band mates, my manager, radio promoters, interviewers, bookers, club managers, sound engineers, etc.  It wasn’t strange.  They showed interest and were supportive.  However, at some point a few years ago, I did realize that there was quite an imbalance, there were just not enough women in this area of my life and I was in need of change and a new energy.  Soon after, I met Susan and we decided to try co-writing together.  I think I may have reached out to her with help on a song.  The relationship blossomed into a songwriting partnership and into a deep, profound, supportive friendship.  I think becoming friends with Susan opened my world up to other amazing women in the music scene and I began to surround myself with women who wanted to raise each other up and make each other better.  I feel so much more well rounded today due to the strength of this personal and professional relationship. It has also given me the courage to reach out to other women I admire in the music industry and to not be afraid or intimidated by another person’s strength or ability.

Were You Can Find Her: