Carla Ryder

Boston based singer/songwriter Carla Ryder has been described as a little ‘British Invasion’, a touch of garage crooner, lots of pop, folk and hook, with a bit of front porch thrown in for good measure.

A moment in my musical career when another woman helped me:  

I had just given birth to my twin boys.  My life felt completely out of my control.  My band of 8 years had broken up.  I was uninspired, not writing and feeling as though my days of performing and playing music were over.  Enter Boston based singer/songwriter and dear friend, Amy Fairchild, who came to visit with me and meet the babies.  She listened to my story and my struggle and suggested that we start a country band together.  A fun side project just to get us out there doing something different. Thus the band “Miriam” was born.  We started as an acoustic configuration and then quickly transitioned to a full band format adding various members and guest instrumentalists.  Before long we were playing out in the Boston scene regularly and had started to garner a following.  Now seven years later, we’ve recorded an album together, established a very cool residency at a very cool Cambridge venue, fostered a supportive community of friends and musicians, been nominated for 2016 Best Roots/Americana Act, and have both been inspired to re-pursue our own individual songwriting and recording projects in addition to playing together.  This band has been my safety net and my launching pad.  Amy helped me realize that when one musical door is shut, another opens.  I’m grateful for the amazing experience this woman and this band have given me.

Were You Can Find Her: